Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Ramsgate fresh start ?

I will donate this framed print to Ramsgate Town Council
Recently I purchased eight prints for £40 at auction and among them were two of Ramsgate. Like the majority of Ramsgate prints on the market this one is of Ramsgate harbour. It is a genuine steel engraving print of Ramsgate Harbour drawn by William Henry Bartlett. Even though it is not particularly rare it is very attractive tempting some cheeky dealers to charge up to £40 for a framed copy. My copy including a second hand frame from a job lot cost me a total of £6.00. So what ! some people might say but the point is that it demonstrates how easy it is to re build a Ramsgate public collection without costing the earth. I have for some time been thinking that perhaps now is the time to start the long process of rebuilding a public collection in Ramsgate. In Ramsgate we have a Town Council set up by residents for Ramsgate and I cannot see any reason why the Town Council shouldn't start thinking along the lines of forming a Ramsgate collection as a long term objective. It is not something that will happen overnight  and straight away I can hear in the back ground "how much is that going to cost then". Well the answer is a straight  nothing  if I was to have my way as all it needs is people like myself to put themselves out and work together at finding and retrieving Ramsgate items to donate to the town. The Town Council has  empty cabinet space that needs filling with Ramsgate items and it does have wall space to hang pictures. Perhaps the Town council could even act a brokers to ensure that Ramsgate art and artifacts are there for all to see in Ramsgate. Even if it meant loaning items to the Ramsgate library, now that would be ironic.
There is so much scope on this issue and at the moment I am all ears and I do need allies.

Sometimes when I write  and think I do tend to forget that I am a Town Councillor myself. so putting my Councillors head on I can give some form of an update of progress within the Council.

  • The Town Council does have a acquisition and disposal policy setting out how the Council will manage a collection.
  • The Council does own a small collection of prints and paintings.
  • The Council does have 16 loans of prints and paintings from  TDC some have been so neglected in the past that the TLC required  is like taking on an abused rescue cat from the RSPCA.
  • The Council does have a few recent donations. By this I mean a few, like a few bits of crested China, a Print and a Philpott bottle. Not much but it is a start.
  • Part of my crusade with TDC is to find out the true identity and provenance if any of the 103 Ramsgate prints they have on their books. 
  • I would like to form a data base of all the Ramsgate items there are in the TDC public collection.
I know it is not a lot compared to private collections and independent historians but I can assure you that the spirit is there.

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