Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If it was up to me.

"In an ideal world, what do you see as the desired outcome of your efforts? " was a finishing line to a recent email I received and I thought good question.

At present I am  pointing out to Thanet District Council all the problems they have with their art and artifact collection and there are many. Most however are historic,they need addressing and they will not go away and it is something that has gone on far far to long. If I had to sum up in one sentence the problem I would say " A complete list of TDC art and artifacts have never been in existence" and that is the root cause of everything.
So once this is completed then I would think it will be up to TDC members and TDC officers to decide the future direction of their collection, museum policy and heritage  all having so much potential. My role  as a volunteer would  then be going  back to fact finding , research  and working towards making Margate Museum a center of excellence. The same will apply to the new Ramsgate project.

It is not as if I don't have an opinion, because I do. So if it was up to me this is what I would like to see.

  • The collection I would like to see split into four categories. The main category being the sasy manageable "District" collection that consists of all the premier items TDC own and represent Thanet. This collection would consist of the high value items like works of art etc., Collectively the collection complete would be valued in the £***,*** range and would be subject to special measures like security and insurance. This collection would have a cash value as a TDC asset.
  • The other three categories would then be Town collections subject to a rigorous overhaul . Each representing Margate , Ramsgate  and Broadstairs and St Peters.
  • This will leave many items that have no bearing to Thanet or the towns and villages. I would dispose of  these by sale or gifting to appropriate museum. Also some items will have to be disposed of because of condition and not really being viable.
  • Obviously the Margate collection will be in the Margate Museum. However, Ramsgate and Broadstairs items will have to be decided as they have town councils, volunteer groups and trusts. But the ownership will still remain TDC.
  • Finally I think TDC should keep a missing items list because one day the may turn up.

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