Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 1 April 2013

Another piece of the jig saw puzzle

In a previous posting I made reference from the year 1974 when  TDC acquired art and artifact collections to  when the Margate Museum opened in 1987 . I also made reference to the fact that the former police station cells were used as storage for the acquired art and artifacts. I have now come across some information that in 1985 as part of a Man Power Services 2 organisation project, the items in the cells had to be re listed because there was no records as such. Therefore from the years 1974 up until  1985 TDC had not put  procedures in place to manage the collection they had acquired.
The 1985 re listing on wards was done in great detail and was very meticulous to all items present. But there was no way of telling if any item was missing and there was also no way of confirming any item belonging to the Rowe bequest or the Parker collection as no provenance could be established because of a lack of information. I can now confirm this statement.
This brings me to the conclusion that when my FOI request was denied  by TDC  in 2006 they were well aware that their procedures had been unsafe in the past. This was becoming evident as items were still turning up and going into storage that should have been listed in the past.
Problems also increased as no procedures were in place at the Museum in 2005 and as mentioned in a previous posting there was no managed system. All this is now coming to light in the current audit.


Anonymous said...

Tony, Do you happen to know which Directors were responsible for the periods you refer.

Tony Ovenden said...

Annon, I can go deeper but I am holding back at present.