Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 16 March 2013

"some of it is not worth much"

It has been a busy week for my teeny weeny little blog with emails, telephone calls and a batch of nasty comments aimed at John Worrow. Putting the stupidity aside my favourite quote of the week has to be "most of it is not worth much" referring to the TDC collection in storage at the Margate Museum. That not surprisingly came from a TDC source.
That probably is the case with a lot of items but that is still no excuse to treat an authentic Victorian print of Ramsgate that carries a value of £15 to £20 as if it is last weeks Isle of Thanet Gazette  left in a heap somewhere in the house. Perhaps some people at TDC need reminding that this is England, this our heritage, it is unique and it is a public asset worth saving regardless of value. Deep down I do not see this as a party political issue even though a political leader told me a load of porkies in the past. I do not blame council officers either, it is just an awful situation TDC has got itself into. All is needed is firm positive decisions because at the end of the day all this heritage just cannot be left neglected in a storage room at Margate forever.

I have started winding down my searches around the Margate sea defence works now the work is completed and the only time I will search that area will be after certain weather conditions. The new sea defence does look impressive and I can just picture it in rough weather as well as a hot summers day. Deep down the beach comber side of me is thinking that perhaps the alterations to tide flow will provide an amber trap arising from westerly winds and only time will tell. Tomorrow I start another mission and I have applied for another licence from Natural England and it will involve about three months worth of searches on the coast.For the first time in my life there is a possibility I might not find on the coastline what I am looking for,but given the diversity of the Thanet coastline  I am bound to find something else of interest.


Peter Checksfield said...

The new sea defences do indeed look good, but I'm still not convinced that putting steps on a north facing coast is such a great idea. Already they're starting to look very slippery in places...

Anonymous said...


I speak as an ordinary member of the party in opposition, and I can only apologise that those in power at the time dismissed your concerns.

Tony Ovenden said...

Annon, thank you for that comment because it re enforces my view that this is not a party political issue.

Tony Ovenden said...

I remember Arlington House when it was all white and pristine like a bright new pin.

Tim Clark said...

Tony. You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Keep up the good work and thank you for noting that the Ramsgate collection is in danger of merely going back into storage - totally unacceptable. This isn't party political but it should be top of the agenda for all concerned with maintaining our links to the past.