Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Museum theft ?

This weekend I had a very interesting chat with someone about Museum thefts in Thanet and it reinforces my fears that Museum thefts have been going on for years. One of the greatest victims has to the Rowe Bequest a collection artwork and archaeological  finds made my Doctor Arthur Rowe who bequeathed his collection to the Borough of Margate. The collection was then past on to TDC and KCC, it is a well known fact that if every item had to be checked off to the original list there would be a deficit.

Drawing attention away from the Rowe bequest I have cases that can be proven all from the Margate Museum which I must stress have been discovered since the Museum reopened 2011. This no reflection on the Friends of the Margate Museum or the TDC officers working on the audit at present.

Case A, Many years ago I persuaded the curator of the Museum at the time to start a collection of Comic postcards. I purchased the album and did the rounds picking up some very good examples. Some I paid through with my own money and  some with EKMT funding. It was not a spectacular collection but it was significant. This folder is nowhere to be seen , in fact hardly anyone has ever seen it. It has gone, vanished and my verdict is Theft ?

Case B, There is an album full or smuggling prints and other images in the collection. Or should I say was as someone has been through the album with a pair of scissors and cut many out. My verdict Theft ?

Case C, There was an original Beatles program from when they appeared at the Winter Gardens in the sixties. It has been replaced by a photocopy. My verdict Theft ?

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Terry Prue said...

This is a real scandal. Will anyone on the Council champion the cause to stop the rot?