Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 28 March 2013

More red meat .

On this issue of the TDC the management of the TDC art and artefact collection and the way is has been managed or should I say mismanaged This fact should make interesting reading.
From 1994 to 2007 the East Kent Maritime Trust received a minimum grant of £1.3 grant funding to manage both the Maritme Museum and the TDC collection at the Margate Museum. It was not specified what proportion of the funding was to be earmarked for each venue. As stated previously no audit was taken of the collection by TDC when the Museum closed and EKMT vacated the premises. So given the current situation that confronted the Friends of the Margate Museum and the Council officer in charge when the Museum reopened in 2011. Perhaps TDC should start looking at what exactly was our money  spent on  and surely this must be scrutinized.

I am starting to think that even though some of my concerns can date back decades I just have this feeling that I could get knocked back as they could be classed as historic. So I am concentrating on the year 2005 a year before my FOI request to TDC leadership.

In 2005 TDC paid a grant of £100,000 for the EKMT to manage both the Maritime Museum and the Margate Museum, so what was the current state at the Margate Museum then.

  • The Museum was being run by someone who had no Museum experience.
  • There was nobody present at the Museum with conservation experience.
  • Donations of items were being accepted and no receipts given.
  • People were coming in enquiring about certain items, they could not be found.
  • The George Philip Hoare wartime scrapbook was found to have been looted of most of it's photographs.
  • Items were being accepted into the collection that have no relevance to the Thanet.
  • The backroom had racks of paintings and prints poorly stored and suffering from neglect.
  • The book collection was not cataloged in any recognizable library system. 
  • TDC items were found not to be on any list.
  • The back store room was also being used to store items from other TDC locations that were unrecorded or in any managed syatem
  • Photographic negatives were decomposing.
  • The archive were 90% photocopies very little original material.
  • Some items were listed under three numbers.

The list goes on. This prompted me to ask for a FOI request from TDC and request help from the Margate Charter Trustees this was denied.

All these faults were confirmed when the Museum reopened in 2011 and the 2012 audit began. Recently I have been coopted onto the executive of the Museum friends group to assist to help establish some provenance on some items. One thing I do not want is anything to be swept under the carpet.


derick97 said...

Well done Tony, hope your successful

Richard Card said...

Tony. What did EKMT do for Thanet in exchange for 1.3 million of grant aid ? Plus quarter of a million Butler Legacy I reported to Charity Commission as EKMT had not included the receipt on their annual accounts.

Were the trustees on expenses ?

Richard Card said...

Trying to dust off a bit of memory myself.

(1) Did Kent Fire Brigade find the Maritime Museum had inadequate fire precautions to receive visitors.

(2) My understanding is that when litigation is in the pipeline there is a protocol called Civil Procedure Rules. So interested parties have to be notified.

Steam Museum Trust got the hump about deterioration of their boat Cervia whilst it had been on loan to EKMT. Damages of a few million were in the air.

Interested parties would have been TDC and Charity Commission.

I don't know whether the 1.3 million of grant aid had failed to run to sufficient copier paper to tell Charity commission. But they were kept in the dark.

When I phoned Charity Commission to tell them about the undeclared quarter million Butler legacy, it turned out the Charity Commission already had an inquiry running into EKMT but they hadn't been told about Cervia litigation either.

No worries I thought. The trustees, fine stout fellows from amongst Thanet tory cllrs, have by charity law unlimited personal liability. If EKMT have been negligent it carries no liability for the public purse.

Well blow me down wiv a feather but the Trustees sort of disappeared.

I don't know whether TDC lawyers helped them to hop ?

But there was old Bill Hayton gawn and no mistake. And somehow personal liability not in hot legal pursuit.

Mystery or what.

Then Steam Museum Trust took over some of the territory situate where their boat was parked all along ?

Then you and yer muckers turned up doing commendable work at Margate museum where you found little evidence of a museum there ?

Richard Card said...

Tony !! I have an idea.

Contact Tony Robinson. Time Team episode.

Phil the trench digger "Waaal Tony and Tony, no evidence of artefacts Oim afraid. At this juncture we have found no evidence for a museum having existed at this soit. Quoit a bitta photocopy paper moind"

Anonymous said...

Who were the museum trustees in 2005?