Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 23 March 2013

It's going to scrutiny

One of the points I have asked to be looked at by the TDC overview and scrutiny committee is why was the collection at the Margate Museum not audited when the EKMT vacated the Margate Museum after fourteen years management in 2008. Especially when a few years earlier it was pointed out that there are problems within the collection that TDC leaders  chose to ignore.
 Even putting my concerns aside who on earth in their right mind would leave an organisation to manage assets for fourteen years and then do not audit the assets when they the ownership is returned. It does not make any business sense at all and even the most neutral observer would regard this as a very poor decision. Personally I think it is that bad it is almost as if it is deliberate. As to why an audit did not take place I am sure Cllr Ian Driver will get to the bottom of this.

The departure of the EKMT from the Margate Museum was a ruthless decision  something I would equate to a Rachman landlord evicting a tenant. The dirty deed was done at such a speed it would have made a Ninja assassin proud. It didn't even allow the EKMT to remove any of its assets and the curator of the museum who happened to leave his medication behind even had to make an appointment to get it back.
The final months of the EKMT at the museum is very patchy and by then I had been sent into exile for expressing dissent at the TDC decision to close the venue which was deemed as political such was the set up at the time. However I did have a number of loans returned to me of which I then donated to the Margate Museum  in 2011.

I have made a lot of emphasis on what went on in the past from the 1974 changeover from the borough to district and some periods in between . I now thinking that perhaps during the final six months of EKMT period and the closure from 2008 to 2011 should be an area for investigation.
When the current audit was proposed I did have a look at the ascension register of items donated to the Margate Museum that covered the years up until closure. Unfortunately I did discover that pages were missing and it was so obvious the system had collapsed. Fortunately before the closure I did manage to record the collection on display on my camcorder of which I made a unedited DVD that I have now given to TDC as an act of good faith. I should also add that even under this cloud I have donated items to the Margate Museum and TDC collection because I have every faith in the current set up at the Museum and at TDC.


Tom Clarke said...

Tony, following on from my comment on your last post, it still concerns me that this must surely be a police matter.

Cllr Driver on his blog, under a title of 'The Great Thanet Art Theft' talks of valuable collections going missing, of senior councillors being told but doing nothing and gives an impression of criminality. If that is correct, and not just him being over dramatic, in my view crime is crime and a matter for the police.

It does not really matter how historic a crime may be it is still a police matter. They, after all, have the investigative skills and the contacts that Scrutiny do not.

I thank you for bringing this to public attention and I shall follow progress with interest.

Peter Checksfield said...

I agree with Tom, report it to the police!

Anonymous said...

One step at a time, and one investigation at a time. How do you know that the police are not already on to this Tom and Peter?

Tom Clarke said...

Anon, the one first step should be the police. Scrutiny can get involved if TDC wish to find out if the council's procedures were lacking in any way, but the issue of potentially criminality is a police one. This should not simply be hijacked as another bandwagon for Driver with the usual unsubstantiated allegations against nameless councillors.

Anonymous said...

But why even go to Ian Driver in the first place?

Tony Ovenden said...

Annon Ian Driver is TDC Chairman of overview and scrutiny it was TDC members of governance and audit that past the case on.

Anonymous said...

Two councillors names are included on Cllr Driver's blog. And I am sure that senior cllrs are already working with the police