Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 25 March 2013

I have made an error in dates

I have been going through my records and I have come across a letter I sent to the Mayor of Margate in November 2007 appealing for his help regarding the situation at the Margate Museum detailing my concerns about the collection. The reply I got was that my concerns were noted and no action taken.

However I have found that my freedom of information request was in June 2006 and not 2005 as I originally thought. It was refused under the data protection act. Sorry about that.

Also I have found my note on the returns of the loans from the judges chambers at Maidstone. It appears 18 loaned prints were returned and of that 18 it was found that 12 could not be found on the "new" data base and in effect did not exist. Some of these were oil paintings with value and they were added to the new list.

I should add that I have a copy of the collection management, acquisition and disposal policy for the TDC collection dated 27th November 1991. In the list TDC own 17,000 miscellaneous sea shells, 10,000 photographic negatives and prints from the Sunbeam and East Kent Times collection, 143 volumes of newspapers and 500 paintings and prints and  this document is signed by the chief executive. Regarding the paintings and prints the count to date at the museum is 680 prints and paintings plus they have a missing list. So where on earth did TDC get this 500 figure from for the chief executive to sign. I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

So that was Brian Sullivan then. What did you expect Tony. He is one of Ezekiels puppetts and isn't he now Ezekiels tenant living 12b King Street.

Tony Ovenden said...

Annon, Yes Brian was mayor at the time and my letter was read to the charter Trustees present.
To be honest I haven't got a clue where Brian and Karen are living.