Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Conspiracy theories

I have to make this clear that when I had the meeting with the two senior Councillors regarding my Freedom of Information request for the list of the art and artifacts (June 2006) owned by Thanet District Council that they were acting on advice given to them by council officers. Considering that they had only been in control of TDC since 2003 and some of my concerns date back to the nineties and beyond I hardly hold them responsible for anything undervalued, neglected, missing, wrongly listed and unlisted in the TDC collection from those periods. In a way I could also be held responsible as I was chairman of the joint museums committee that oversaw Museums when I was a TDC member.
However they did deliberately block me from obtaining the information I wanted by stating  that I could identify donors in breach of the data protection act. Something I found ridiculous because the foundations of the collection came from the Rowe bequest (1926) and the Parker collection (1929). Even when I tried through the Margate Charter Trustees  for help in the matter this was also blocked. Within a year of my FOI request they were working on closing the museum. When  the closure was announced I wrote to TDC offering to reopen the Museum using volunteers in the same way as the Museum is run today, this was also refused. In October 2008 the museum closed and nothing was audited, the museum remained dormant until there was a change of leadership of TDC . The Museum reopened in 2011 using volunteers  and auditing started in 2012. Resulting in  all my worst fears have coming to light. Now that this problem now has a high profile TDC cannot bury it again, especially now that firm evidence regarding the problems with the 2005 to 2008 period have emerged.


Barry James said...

why are the police not involved?

Richard Card said...

You are entitled to see all documents pertaining to your chairmanship of the relevant cttee. Donor names can be redacted.

If JTW adds his moniker then he can obtain all documents relating to donations and manifests when he was curator.