Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 14 December 2012

A Victorian DFL collection

To find a complete glass bottle from the Victorian era in and around margate harbour and main sands area is something I have always considered to be a bit of an achievement. This week I managed to find two which exceeded all expectations. Both had all the tell tell signs of their time in the sea which all adds to the provenance as a margate found artifact  Even though the origins are DFL (down from London) I just find such finds fascinating as they are a link to Victorian London and a seaside holiday in Margate.
Circa 1870's Whiskey bottle
I was able to date both bottles within a certain timeline as dating bottles is not a precise thing. One bottle was a wine bottle pre 1860 and its irregular shape without a mould seam suggests the bottle may have been free blown. The other bottle was a dark whiskey bottle circa 1870's with a flat bottom base with a dimple that had been dip moulded in a three piece mould with an applied lip. All sounds a bit of a mouth full but to the layman I found a circa 1870's or later whiskey bottle and a pre 1860's wine bottle.
Other finds included a green aqua conical base of a Hamilton glass mineral water bottle embossed "London" "1808"and some other lettering which I need to work on and will be something that will be added to my DFL collection.
Victoria Steamboat Association shard
This week I collected my earthenware collection from the Margate Museum that had been on loan for the beachcomber exhibition. Along with recent earthenware finds this is turning out to be a large collection something I will one day display. I have now given the museum the remaining collection of glass and ceramic to do  with as they please. I have retained only a few small items, one being a Victorian glass bottle embossed J M Taylor Camberwell, a red transfer ware shard with the London coat of arms and Freemason symbols, a vulcanite bottle butterfly stopper impressed "Fred Smith Mile End" and a shard of black transfer ware from the Victoria Steamboat Association . The VSA operated paddle steamers in the River Thames and along the coast to Margate during the 1890's.
At present I have two buckets full of items found over the past month in the Margate area and once I have sorted out the Georgian items and Earthenware items I will pick out the DFL items which I will photograph a collection at a later date.

A close up of the whiskey bottle showing the three piece moulding.


Katherine Butler said...
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Katherine Butler said...

i have recently found a broken bottle piece, its the base of what looks like a wine bottle. its black glass flat bottomed with a horse on the bottom. and has margate embossed around the base. its out of curiosity to find out about it and where it would originate from. thanks kate