Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Reclaiming the beaches

At last we have some decent weather and nature has reclaimed the beaches  and in return surrendered some of its secrets. Today was an exceptional day and there were finds to match however there was one difference. For the first time there were other people searching in the exact spot at the same time as myself something I am not use to. It is not that I object because I don't own the beach and it is a free country and I do welcome meeting people with similar interests and I like to share information. However the other person did make a couple of significant finds and it does concern me that such finds go unrecorded.
In recent months it has occurred to me that I am educating people through my blog and I was rather hoping that I would get data in return if I point people in the right direction and they made finds. This is not turning out to be the the case as I know finds are being made using my information and yet there is no information flow in return and it is becoming one way traffic. People can be very strange and I have seen it all before, in the past people I know have dug up a couple of grand worth of gold and then act different towards me even though I pointed them in the right direction. I feel the same could be happening it I point people in the right direction to find artifacts. To be honest and I do make it clear I don't give a toss about the money it is recorded history that is important.
Everything I  find goes through the Margate Museum system and its provenance is recorded and that is how I do things. So in future I am no longer posting on my blog my finds as I find them and I will wait until one moon phase has passed then they go on the blog.


Michael Child said...

Tony it could be that they are scared they will lose their finds if they tell the museum about them, perhaps you need to better explain the rules.

S Foad said...

Shame, I liked finding out what you are unearthing!

Don Wood said...

I found loads of interesting stuff that was priceless to me but worthless in financial terms. Each fossil or bit of rock brings back memories of the days I could walk and play onn the beach. I even took a photo of one this week and when I did some research it was in fact rare and gave me hours of pleasure years after its initial discovery.