Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a rip off.

On the A299 Thanet Way past the Whitstable round about on the road to Faversham there is a Shell garage. On the slip road leading from  the garage there is  a Freight terminal that has a small car lot, the address is on the invoice above, Herne Hill Motors Limited trading as Car Heaven.

From this business my son bought a used car something he had been working and saving up for. He went along with a mate who checked a light green Renault Clio registration V631 KLC. The car seemed okay after a test drive in the lorry turning area. My son bought the car and the guy selling the car said it will be ready in the morning with all the paperwork etc., In the meanwhile my son got some car insurance.

Next day my son  turned up to collect his car. The guy who sold him the car was not there and the only person on site was an "associate". He told my son there was no log book because the car was an accident write off. Something that was not made clear when he bought the car also there was no certificate to say the car had been checked out as road worthy which was needed to apply for a log book. He said the car was now my son's responsibility and it has to be off the site in seven days and after that they will charge ground rent and after a fortnight they will resell the car to recover there costs. My son asked for his money back and this was refused.

My son then went to citizens advice and trading standard's for help.

Since then the company has changed its name and it appears a name change is something that happens on a regular basis. Just google the address and company  and see what turns up.

My son has tried ringing the company and sent numerous emails none have been answered. When he went back to the site it was trading  under a different name and his car had gone. Finally my son did make contact and the person on the end of the phone said the car had sold to recover their "costs" which I suppose is a parking fee for a piece of waste land.

My son has proof of ownership and he went to the Police. Surprise, surprise there was not much help there "it is a civil matter".

The case is back with citizens advice and trading standards.


simon moores said...

Tony.. you must have missed the programme on BBC Watchdog where the garage in question played a starring role.. It was either that or "rogue traders" but obviously business as usual where they are concerned!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

keep plugging it with trading standards - these rip-off merchants need deailing with - as for it not being police business - incorrect - don't let it rest