Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sea defence diaries a ramble about concretion.

In the previous posting I mentioned this fine specimen  of concretion I found around the square head of the stone pier.
Concretion found in the sea is a mass of metal that is generally ferrous that has fused to other items in its immediate vicinity and mixed with sand forms this mass that resembles something one would expect to find on a building site. All around the Thanet coastline concretion can be found in the areas where the tidal action has deposited metal . This can also include coins and precious metal, known locally  as glory holes. A term  also used by gold prospectors in  America looking for gold deposits in rivers and streams that is deposited in the same manner. In my time I have come across some really interesting glory holes and one in particular produced 176 coins mostly Victorian to the 1930's. My list of finds, found in this manner is a long one. But now days I do not reflect on what I have found in the past as   I am using all my knowledge and experience to recover as much history as I can during the sea defence works. So my next target will be to recover concretion that has been dislodged during the under pinning of the stone pier and  break it up with a hammer to see what I can find.  I like this piece I have photographed because of the Victorian Hamilton mineral water bottle fused to a mass of iron and other items. I like it because the embossment  suggests the bottle came from Camberwell which confirms this link between London and  Victorian seaside Margate which I have been finding amongst many items found during the sea defence works.

Last Saturday I was reunited with a box of shards at the Margate Museum,  found in 1998 by myself  and a few others during the summer of that year.
In the box were many associated Victorian items found on our historic beach beach. One item in the box that was an absolute gem was a part of an ash tray with the word Dreadnought in  this lovely Victorian design . I know for a fact I did not find this item but I am not sure who did. But it will feature in the flotsam and jetsam display.                                                                                                                

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