Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ramsgate Town Council and museums ramble.

I do not often get political on my blog and I doubt if I will ever get politically obsessive and opinionated like some of the other blogs . But occasionally I do have to remind myself that I am a Ramsgate Town Councillor for the Labour Party.
I suppose the point I am getting across is that on Ramsgate Town Council it is not really all that political as there is such a strong Labour presence and that all Ramsgate Town Councillors really  just get on with it. Like most Councillors  I would like to look back after my four years as a matter of pride and think what did I do for the benefit of Ramsgate bearing in mind that I only beat Ralph Hoult (Mr Ramsgate) by 40 odd votes.. As I am one of the few that Councillors that do not sit on more than one authority it does narrow down the options a bit for individualism. So my aim is work on heritage issues, something I must admit in Ramsgate I have started from a blank piece of paper plus I am self taught on everything regarding Ramsgate's past. I admit I still have to refer to anything regarding Ramsgate from the pile of books I bought at Michael's bookshop but I am getting there.
Sometime ago through research I worked out just how badly Ramsgate was treated during local government re organisation in 1974 regarding art and artefact's and made a report to the Town Council. Following another report I wrote, the Town Council has now adopted a collections policy that is fit for purpose and everything collected will keep to an centre of excellence standard. I should also add that the Town collection policy will not clash or rival the Maritime Museum or the Tunnels project.
In the past month there has been a few developments that could be of great benefit to Ramsgate however nothing has been set in stone yet. As mentioned in other postings the Margate Museum has failed an audit on the collection it holds in reserve which I must add is an asset of TDC. During the latter years of the East Kent Maritime Trust management  period at the Margate Museum the collection went completely off the rails. The Museum is found to be overstocked, it has duplicated, many items are unrecorded, misidentified and some items are missing along with paperwork. It is hard to pin point where the fault lies but behind the scenes something is to be done about it.
One of the options being looked at is to dispose of items in the collection and stream line the Margate Museum with a new collections policy based on the history of Margate that in turn will make the Museum a center of excellence as a sea side Museum. Bearing in mind every single item is an asset of TDC this will have to be handled with caution how this is to be carried out.
By disposal I do not mean thrown away and I expect items that have no relevance to the history of Thanet will be sold off. However as the Margate museum will be all things Margate, items from Ramsgate, Broadstairs and elsewhere in Thanet are set to be transferred to other public or trust collections within Thanet. This will not include the premier items in the TDC collection of art that is of high value.
From this Ramsgate will benefit and if the proposals are accepted Ramsgate Town Council will benefit. Plus as the Town Council has a collection policy with a criteria, Maritime items will go to the Steam Museum Trust at the Ramsgate maritime museum.
To achieve efficient disposal supervised volunteers at the Margate museum will audit the entire collection looking to a new numbering system, a sub committee of which I am a member will review items recommended for disposal and the final decision will rest with TDC.


history tracer said...

George Kirby is my wifes Great grandfather . She has 2 of the glass mineral water bottles. She is busy with the family history and would be happy to pass on any information that may be of interest to you.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Thanks, that would be great as the history of George Kirby as a mineral water manufacturer is very patchy.
Also I thought the moment I mentioned the word "rarity" to describe George Kirby bottles, they would turn up.
There is even one going through ebay at the moment.