Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Collecting Ramsgate items for Ramsgate Town Council and Margate items for the Margate Museum.

One job I have managed to talk myself into on Ramsgate Town Council is chairing an art and artifact working party and over at Margate I have joined the friends of the Margate Museum and sit on the disposal sub committee.Both jobs or should I say tasks are poles apart and I do find it strange that on one side of Thanet in Ramsgate there are hardly any items of art and artifacts in the public domain yet over at Margate they have so much they have to downsize. In lay man's terms the solution does seem simple but in reality as in both cases a good knowledge base needs to be built up as public assets are involved. The trouble is this is not something that can be plucked out of thin air and a great deal of research needs to be undertaken.
One area I have been researching and looking at recently is valuations to ensure that in both cases  that value for money will be obtained. I am pleased to say the TDC  is in no hurry to get rid and RTC are not going flat out to fill an empty cabinet because it is empty.
Since the beginning of this year I have been researching all Ramsgate artwork on the internet and visited most antique shops on the south coast. I have attended auctions, followed auctions on the internet and have kept a very long watch list on ebay. At present Ramsgate items do seem to have a higher premium than Margate items, one example being this Philpott bottle I have posted, the buyer ended up paying £41 for the bottle including P & P. Recently some scarce bottles from Margate were on ebay and I picked three of them up for £8 each which is an absolute bargain. I know for a fact that they have none of these in the Margate collection. and I suppose eventually I will give them to the Museum.
In the past decade the value of crested china has suffered a collapse  similar to an earthquake and can average £2.99 on ebay which is a far cry from a time when a lot of items went for £10 + each. I have bought a few pieces for RTC but I am waiting for a large collection of Ramsgate crested china to appear on auction.
Some time back a painting of Ramsgate was featured in the Isle of Thanet Gazette that was being auctioned in Scotland, RTC put in a sensible bid but did not get it. Elsewhere, I came across a print of Ramsgate dated 1863 published by the marine library Ramsgate it was up for £58 and I am still thinking on it. A lot of small Ramsgate prints do seem to average out at £18 each and once again I am not in a hurry to buy.
In the Margate museum all the lower value prints are going to be taken out of their frames and are to be stored in acid proof paper and stored in controlled conditions. From there I expect valuations and decisions are going to be made especially in the case of duplications.
Overall the market in art, prints, ceramics, glass and seaside souvenirs is straight forward. It is rare documents, awards, medals and metal ware with provenance that is the real wild card . A fine example would be anything associated with Sir Moses Monitfiore.

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David Barker said...

I have this in the small 6oz size dated 1895, great bottles.