Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 20 April 2012

Margate Museum and what a difference a year makes.

This week the Friends of the Margate Museum published their first newsletter mapping out without doubt what has been a successful year for the volunteer group. As readers of my blog may recall the volunteer group is led by TDC officers Chris Tull and Kate Wilson and friends chairman Ian Dickie who have set up a structure of volunteers to run the museum and take it forward. To date the hours donated to the Museum amounts to 4812 hours and visitor numbers for the past year are near the 10,000 mark and all this has been achieved without any grant from TDC. Overall things are going so well that forward planning is looking as far ahead as 2014.
This largest task ahead will be the audit of the entire Museum collection which is an asset of TDC and this at present is to be carried out under the guidance of Museum professional John Harrison former curator of the Powell Cotton Museum. The entire collection will be audited root and branch and will be thorough. The Museum now has a new collections policy designed to make the Museum a center of excellence. This will result in items being disposed from the collection with the final say resting with the elected members of Thanet District Council. Also under the same policy items relating to the history of Margate are being acquired.
Other news regarding the Museum is that the Museum now has an education group ready to welcome school groups, youth and adult organisations. Contact to arrange a visit is the Museum itself of Sue Waller


Col said...

Great news indeed and thanks for airing it.
There are surely lessons to be understood here when a voluntary group is able to achieve success when the Council's only answer was 'shut it down'.
Why do we bother to elect Councillors?
Keep digging and thanks for the updates.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I think I should also mention that TDC are paying all the basic running costs for the building with cross party member support. Plus the volunteers have invaluable support of Chris Tull and Kate Wilson from TDC that makes the whole thing work.
Also everything in the building is owned by TDC and is a TDC asset so it has to be managed.