Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The sea defence diaries - The Margate Museum collection 24/03/12

Today I took most of the items I found during the under pinning of the Margate stone pier to the Margate Museum to add to some of the collection of items I have found on the Margate coastline in recent years. As is it was a bit quite I was able to lay most of the collection out on the floor of the maritime room much to the pleasure of a few visitors who had turned up at opening time . The purpose really was to assess which items would be suitable for a display and work out some appropriate text that can give a good story behind each item. Plus it was an opportunity to root out duplication and replace some items with a better item.
Everything in the photograph has been featured at one point in my blog or as in the case of the sea defence diaries when they are found.

Today I arrived at the square head as the tide was turning so I had very little time to search thoroughly. I was able to pick up the usual quota of clay pipe stems, shards and bits of Victorian bottles. There does seem to be an abundance of pieces of the stone pier around the square head, all debris from the 1953 storm and most of it looks like broken lumps that can be found in a quarry. I was still able to find pieces that had some man made shape which can add a greater authenticity.
The deep excavation for the revetment has started and the contractors have cordoned off the area they are digging which will make finding things that much more difficult. Also the area around the clock tower end has also been cordoned off.
I am not too bothered about it really because in that area I expect things will really turn up when the revetment is finished when the tidal changes in the area take place.

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