Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Ramsgate town collection.

This evening I chaired a Ramsgate Town Council meeting of the art and artifacts working party. The meeting came about after a decision was made at full council to adopt a collections policy of Ramsgate art and artifacts. As chairman of the working party I submitted a detailed report on the current status of Ramsgate art and artifacts and the events from local government reorganisation in 1974 and the fire at the library in 2004 that has led to this dire situation we have at Ramsgate at present.
I could enter into the blame game as to why Ramsgate art and artifacts are in a dire situation but this is wasted energy as it is town council policy to do something about it rather than point the finger of blame.
So this evening a few decisions were made.

It was agreed that Ramsgate town council will act as custodians of any art and artifacts anyone would like to donate to the town and a acquisition and disposal policy is now in place.
The town council will form a data base of all Ramsgate items in local government ownership and will be approaching both TDC and the Ramsgate libary as to what Ramsgate items they have on their books. This will also include Rowe bequest items.

I reported to the meeting that TDC is to undertake an audit at the Margate museum to keep the TDC asset register up to date. This could mean a more streamlined museum service at Margate and could lead to disposals such as archive that is going to be stored on a data base. It was agreed to approach TDC as RTC would like first refusal on any Ramsgate item held in the Museum that is being considered for disposal.

It was agreed that RTC will establish a common ground with collecting polices of other Ramsgate organisations like the steam museum trust at the maritime museum with the aim of preventing duplication or any action that may disrupt the maritime museum collection. In other words RTC will not collect maritime items all the while there is a maritime museum.

There have been some changes at the Custom House and there is now a cabinet upstairs ready to house donated Ramsgate artifacts and looking at the size of the cabinet I think the logistics of getting the cabinet upstairs must have been on par with the famous duo of Laurel and Hardy moving a piano. To get the ball rolling I donated three items of Ramsgate crested china and a 1907 Philpott bottle for the cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that TDC did contact anybody for the donated and loan items in the clock house? This is going to cause problems for any trust taking the Clock House over?

The point here is how is anyone going to get their items back for the RTC display?

Tony Beachcomber said...


As far as I know a loan is a contract between the owner of the item and in this case the EKMT. As the EKMT has ceased to be, charity commission rules of which the EKMT was a registered charity means that the responsibility of the collection is preferably transferred to another Trust. That Trust will be the Steam Museum Trust.

Like most people in Ramsgate the question is why is it taking so long ?

Anyway, mustn't grumble as the RTC are going to do their bit for the heritage of Ramsgate.