Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 20 February 2012

Talking bottles

In all the years I have been digging around the coast I suppose one the hardest items to find are glass bottles that are over 100 years old and intact. In fact I have found more gold items than complete glass bottles in my time. So I was rather hoping that during the underpinning of the Margate stone pier that complete bottles may turn up in the freshly excavated silt. To date this does not seem to be the case and only one complete bottle has came to light. Found by one of the metal detector guys it is an embossed NAAFI bottle that can be dated after 1921 when the NAAFI was founded.
All the other finds have been broken remains and fragments of the Victorian designs, mostly Codds, Hamilton, Internal Screw top, Wines and Beers and they seem to be turning up everywhere.
As mentioned previously my target era is to find and record anything related to Georgian life in Margate from the 1730's to the 1830's. This does include bottles and as finding complete bottles seems an impossibility at present I have been keeping a sharp look out for broken remains. In particular the bottle necks, especially the string rim designs from the evolution of onion bottles to cylinders as they can be easily dated.
For the eagle eyed beachcomber this is not difficult as all the information is all on the internet and just by googling onion bottle or string rim or even dating bottles there is enough information to set yourself for a mini expedition.
To date I have found two bottle necks circa 1730's, one circa 1780's and 4 circa 1800's to 1830's. I have photographed the most recent one found from 1800's to 1830's period and this piece still had the cork in it .


Anonymous said...

Even though I lived in margate for about 20 years, I have never really been a beach person, but it was very interesting wandering along the low tide mark today to see what was lying around. Surprised at the amount of bottle bases and even a large scapula from some animal !!

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, did you notice in some areas the sand has eroded down to the clay base.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did see the clay, wasn't expecting that !

puvogeln said...

was this corked or sealed shut by glass?

Tony Ovenden said...

When I found it the cork was still in it.