Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 25 November 2011

They're off !

Thanet District Council has now released details of the forthcoming sea defence works that are to start with immediate effect. Full details of the works programme can be found on the TDC website.

At present I have now have a collection of 42 items from the main sands area that have some form of historical and local interest, and that is before the work has started.
Looking at the plan I see the works are in four sections which is very convenient as each section does have its own individual history and it will make it easier to put a location to the items as they are found. Historically it will be the area of the North Wall and Revetment that has the most potential. This can be further backed up by studying prints and the maps on the margate local history website on my side bar and even for the amatuer historian this is not rocket science. In a way Tony Lee has provided us with all the information we need so it is really up to us to go out there and see what we can find. Personally, I am not really interested in the gold, jewellery and money that can found around the south wall area. My interests will be to find of historic items from the 1690's to the early Victorian era for the Margate Museum which we have very little of, if any. So I really do hope that if people do find things that they are recorded and shared with the museum even if they are going to keep them.
During the digging the Margate Museum will be open at the weekends and I am sure that as things unfold this will be a local interest attraction on top of what is going on at moment in Margate at present.


Anonymous said...

*They're* off!

Tony Beachcomber said...

point taken annon, thanks

Readit said...

How come a multi-million pound scheme can be rushed through for Margate and Ramsgate can't even get a Masterplan for the Port and Harbour.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I don't really go for this Margate versus Ramsgate thing even though I am a Ramsgate Town Counillor.
One thing I do know that coastal defence surveys are something that has gone on for years and none of this at Margate was dreamt up overnight as the stability of the stone pier is a serious issue.
As for Ramsgate Harbour it certainly does come across as if it is being made up as they go along.When I was a TDC member I read a report about the stability of the West Pier by Malcolm Abbot. His concerns were about voids that were appearing in the West Pier. This was ten years ago.