Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Something for Ramsgate - a Town Collection

At last nights (02/11/11) meeting, Ramsgate Town Council agreed to start a Ramsgate Town Council collection of art and artefact's as a long term objective. Something I have been working on ever since I was elected to the Council in May. This followed a report I submitted to the Town Council on the dire situation of Ramsgate art and artefact's . Such as closed museums, items lost in the fire at the library, items belonging to Ramsgate stored or displayed elsewhere etc.,
I always think there is a practical solution to everything and it is always down to how hard you are prepared to work to achieve it. So last night, members agreed to set up a working party and I will chair with the purpose of rebuilding a Town Collection. The collection will be separate from the civic collection that goes with the office of Mayor and the new collection will start a new beggining from blank. The objective to pass an aquisition and disposal policy that was passed last night which is our rule book, mindful that this whole project is to have no impact on the budget and will all be down to dedicated work by RTC councillors who will sit on the working party to make this work.

Starting from blank is not such a bad thing as we will have the benefit of hindsight of other past failures. So the first objective is to educate ourselves and form a data base of Ramsgate art and artefcats , especially items that were former assets of the former Borough of Ramsgate. We will then decide on repatriation on some items or not.
Second objective, to put ourselves in a position to accept donations or bequests into the collection from members of the public.

Below is the Aquisition and Disposal policy passed last night.


1. The purpose of the Ramsgate town collection is to acquire, preserve and interpret art and artefacts and associated information relating to the historic borough of Ramsgate and present town of Ramsgate.

2. The current collection of framed prints and paintings were the property of the borough of Ramsgate and became the property of the Ramsgate charter trustees in 1974 due to local government reforms. In 2009 when the Ramsgate charter trustees ceased to be, the collection became the property of the Ramsgate town council.

3. The acquisition policy will be to acquire art and artefacts associated with the borough of Ramsgate and the geographical area of the current town of Ramsgate. With the inclusion of acquiring art and artefacts that were once the property of the historic borough of Ramsgate 1884 to 1874.

4. The town council will compile a data base of all the art and artefacts that were once the property of the historic borough of Ramsgate 1884 to 1874 and will compile a data base on past Ramsgate civic history.

5. The town council recognises its responsibility, in acquiring additions to its collections, to ensure that care of collections, documentation arrangements and use of collections will meet the requirements of an accredited standard. It will take into account limitations on collecting imposed by such factors as incurring cost, storage and care of collection arrangements.

6. The town council will take account of the collecting policies of other museums and other organisations collecting in the same or related areas or subject fields. It will consult with these organisations where conflicts of interest may arise in order to avoid unnecessary duplication and waste of resources.

Acquisition and Disposal Policy

1. The acquisition and disposal policy will be published and reviewed from time to time, at least once every four years.

2. The town council will exercise due diligence and make every effort not to acquire, whether by purchase, gift, bequest or exchange, any object , unless the town council or responsible officer is satisfied that the town council can acquire a valid title to the item in question.

3. The town council will not acquire any biological, geological material, archaeological and human remains.

Disposal policy.

1. By definition, the Ramsgate town council has a long-term purpose and holds collections in trust for society in relation to its stated objectives. The town council therefore accepts the principle that sound reasons for disposal must be established before consideration is given to the disposal of any items in the town council collection. The town council or responsible officer will confirm that it is legally free to dispose of an item and agreements on disposal made with any donors as applicable will be taken into account.

2. The town council or responsible officer will ensure that the disposal process is carried out openly and with transparency. The method of disposal will be by sale or exchange.

3. Ramsgate town council or the responsible officer will not undertake disposal motivated principally by financial reasons.


Anonymous said...

So why can't it be part of the civic collection under the Mayor's office? This just duplicates work. Ideas like this merely bolster the perception of the function of the town council as being a self-serving entity all at a time of extreme austerity. What is the function of the town council? Not to play at 'museums', I'm sure.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, I suppose the alternative is to do nothing for Ramsgate.