Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cash for coins

A few days ago I had by chance a conversation with someone who owns five crates of coins, with each crate full to such a degree that it takes two people to lift each one an inch off the ground. I dread to think how many coins there are in each crate and what denominations they are, but one thing is for sure they are certainly sitting on a lot of money.
We have all heard of cash for gold well the latest little wheeze for those on the make is cash for coins and what a clever idea that is. Even the Royal Mint is in on the act and all those pre decimal coins and large size decimal coins that went out a few years ago can now be redeemed at face value at the Royal Mint. The banks are also in on the act and if the write ups on google are true the banks will redeem pre decimal coins and withdrawn decimal currency for some of the new stuff. However, it is the cash for coins that has attracted my attention because every single coin regardless of country, condition, age or denomination has some form of value even if it is scrap. Some coin websites now quote the metal value of each coin as well as the collector value which is a indicator of the investment potential of coins in this world of uncertain economic conditions we live in. At present a one pound coin has about 6 pence of metal in it but the copper in a bronze penny and bronze two pence is now worth more than the denominational value of each coin, this is something that has capabilities .
Pre decimal coins are a real premium because compared to their decimal value the metal value is worth far more. Considering the Royal Mint sets the rules who can and cannot melt down British coins they have set themselves up for a source of metal by buying the pre decimal coins at denominational value. Which does highlight the point that all British coins on British soil are still subject to British law.
The cash for coins people are even eyeing up foreign coins mostly for exchange which certainly is in the national interest. However there is a market for the scrap value of foreign coins especially all the pre euro ones which in this country we can do whatever we like like with them.
Anyway I think I have said enough so try cash for coins websites for further info.


ahnn said...

Cash for coins is indeed a good source of income. You guys should try it.

Sarah Anders said...

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