Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Marine Palace and Margate Jetty tally.

This collection represents what remains of the collection of items I found from the period 1978 to 1993 following the aftermath of the 1978 storm and the following sea defence works that took place at the Margate Jetty entrance and along the rendezvous car park promenade. These coastal changes brought about erosion that took place along the coastline from Fort Point to the former Margate Jetty entrance and out towards the area where the 1824 Jarvis Jetty once stood in the cut, on the same site stood the 1853 Jetty that was destroyed in the January 1978 storm. Erosion was not a permanent feature and only occurred after a series of northerly storms. The rendezvous site is also the site where the Marine Palace was destroyed on 29th November 1897 when the sea wall was breached; today the Turner Centre occupies part of the site.

During the digging many features from the Marine Palace were found plus pieces of Margate Jetty and these were left as found. I found some items from the late 1690’s period right up to the start of the First World War, overall I must have found about 150 items of relevance to the site and the time period specified. Many ended up as donations to the Margate Museum and private collections. The remaining items I have listed below are the part of the pre 1914 collection that I still have.

Fort Point

· 1876H Penny

Marine Palace site

· 1873 half penny

· One penny token Priestfield furnaces 1811

· Worn 1799 halfpenny

· Worn George III halfpenny

· 1897 Victoria diamond jubilee medal

· 1879 farthing

· 1872 badly worn gothic design florin

· 1887 sixpence

· 1894 three pence

· Six balls of lead shot ( a quantity donated to the Margate Museum)

· 2 piano weights believed to belong to the Marine Palace grand piano that was washed over and smashed against the sea wall.

· Lead toy baby

· Lead toy lioness

· Lead toy horse with rider

· Lead toy cannon

· Lead seal embossed Aleney Dover

· Complete Mineral Water bottle M J Harlow Margate flat bottom Hamilton design with crown cap. post 1892

· Two bottlenecks string neck design black thick glass circa 1790 to 1820

Jetty entrance and cut

· Complete Bottle J M Taylor Camberwell rounded bottom Hamilton green aqua with blob top.

· Worn George III penny

· Worn George III penny

Some of the pre 1914 items were donated to the Margate Museum as listed below

· Marine Palace brass token “weekly ticket” “F Piaggio” “Princess Rooms”

· Lead shot still with moulding tabs

· Small handmade copper boat fitting

· Old copper boat nails

· Handmade brass nails/tacks

· 1891,1892,1893 pennies

· 1867 half penny

· 1843 sixpence

· 1845 copper halfpenny counter stamped “W”

· 1799 Cartwheel penny

· Lead dress weight

· Lead stud

· Minton Tile from the Marine Palace

· Decorative Victorian brass button

· Hovis Token

Other finds donated elsewhere

· Neck of a Bellarmine Flagon with effigy (1690’s)

· Two lead tokens with a cross and four pellets on in each corner

· Complete Reeve & Co Margate mineral water bottle green aqua internal screw top cylinder

Large handmade bronze nail

Other items I either sold or cannot trace.

· Margate Pier and Harbour Company button

· 9 ct gold ring

· 1908 Territorial Medal

· George III and George IV copper coins

· A collection of about 20 Victorian bronze Farthings and Halfpennies all around the 1860’s period.

It is very difficult to estimate how many items I found that were post first world as no records were kept and this total also includes large amounts of ammunition, bullets and cartridge cases from the Second World War. Also there is a unrecorded total of pre decimal currency found in the area lost from the Margate Jetty .

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