Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Kingsgate cave dig, a final tally

This past week I have been going through my final tallies of the items worth noting that I have found on the beaches in the Old Margate area in preparation for an exhibition to coincide with the sea defence works taking place in Margate. The purpose being to list what remaining items I still have identified as pre first world war. Rummaging through old notes I came across a list of finds, found in the Kingsgate area in 1998 which I never realised I still had. The finds were old bottles that I had found as a result of a roof collapse in the back of the cave in Kingsgate Bay. This incident happened in the spring of 1998 and resulted in a hole in the Captain Digby car park.

Of all the items I found I only kept three for my collection and the rest were either donated to other collections or left as found. The list of items worth mentioning reads as follows.

· 20 “M J Harlow Margate” Codd bottles all necked, 18 at 8 ounce, 2 at 12 ounce (left as found) probably necked by schoolboys for the marble stopper.

· 3 small “M J Harlow Hamilton” bottles all necked (left as found) one acid etched M J Harlow.

· 8 ounce Codd bottle “M J Harlow Margate” complete in green aqua (donated to the Margate Museum).

· 12 ounce Codd bottle green aqua plain with no embossment (donated to the Margate Museum).

· “Eliman’s for horses” green aqua bottle (donated to the Drapers windmill trust Margate).

· Plumtree Southport meat ceramic pot (donated to the Margate Museum).

· “Bead and Bendicott poor man’s friend” ceramic pot (donated to Dickens House Broadstairs).

· 2 Earthenware blacking bottles (donated to the Drapers Mill windmill trust Margate)

· 1888 “Philpott” Ramsgate mineral water bottle ( donated to the Terry Wheeler Ramsgate Collection)

· 2 Earthenware small ink bottles ( donated to the Margate Museum)

· “Reeve & Co Margate” Mineral water olive green bottle internal screw top cylinder complete with stopper maker JK. (Still in my collection).

· Pot lid base. (Still in my collection).

· Flat glass stopper diameter approx 60mm embossed “Cannington Shaw St Helens”. (Still in my collection).

· Also found and left in situ, a Victorian girl’s shoe decomposed and various butchered animal bones.

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