Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 25 July 2011

Margate and Ramsgate and comic postcards.

On Sunday I visited the "I wish I could see my little Willy" exhibition of comic postcards at the Pie Factory , Broad Street , Margate in the old town, a subject of which I have considerable knowledge. For anyone who has an interest in post war seaside history and comic postcards this really is a must.
Even before I entered the building I knew many of the postcards that would be on display and to see them again was like being reunited with old friends. However, I was really impressed at the quality of the research and the fact that all the exhibits were original material. Perhaps the lasting memory I have of the exhibition is the fact that at the time some postcards that were considered too vulgar in Margate by magistrates were acceptable in Ramsgate.
The exhibition runs until 2nd August and there will be a talk on the subject of comic postcards and the law held at the Margate Museum on Saturday 30th July at 14:00 hrs.
On Saturday I did a little bit at the Margate Museum and it is very much a case of all hands to the pump. The volunteers of the Friends of the Margate Museum have been very industrious cleaning, tidying and just organising and rearranging at the Museum. On my part I returned a spoon from a paddle steamer company that was in the Maritime cabinet that was given back to me when the Museum closed a few years back. I have managed to lay my hands on some crowns for the Friends Group to sell as souvenirs in the shop once it is up and running. Plus I have some exhibits to add to the displays.
On the Ramsgate side of things where I a town councillor, my research continues on art and artefact's and on Saturday I came across a water colour of the West Pier from the East Pier on display at the Margate Museum by John Richard Davies dated 1981. Also on Saturday I came across linen backed Ordnance survey maps of Ramsgate at the Margate Museum of which I am going to supply document tubes so they can be stored properly. Finally, I have managed to get hold of an original copy
of the 1922 Ramsgate Corporation act which I will donate to the town council archives once I have read it. However, I am beginning to find that trying to obtain Ramsgate items is far harder than trying to find than anything related to Margate but I am working away slowly but surely.


Retired said...

There are plans to produce Courtroom themed postcards of the seaside genre.

The Aldwych High Court one is particularly pleasing and features a similar punchline to that quoted in your text.

The Judge is looking at a defendant called George and asking if it is his little Willie lying in the dock.

Best wishes Tony.

Peter Checksfield said...

Pop down to The Winter Gardens if you get a chance Tony, there's a fascinating exhibition to celebrate their 100th anniversary.