Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A TDC asset

Amongst the items of artwork loaned to the Ramsgate Town Council by Thanet District Council that was formerly owned by the Borough of Ramsgate, is this gem.

Even though it has no TDC reference number for their artefact's list ,the description is "Ramsgate engraved by F. Jukes " with no detail, the print has slipped with the backing of the frame hanging off . So I do get this impression Ramsgate artwork in TDC possession maybe in a bit of a disarray.

However, mustn't grumble as it was decent of TDC to loan the print to Ramsgate Town Council in the first place.

Getting down to brass tacks and a quick search on google and asking around a bit this gem is "Ramsgate from the West Pier" drawn and engraved by Francis Jukes (1745 to 1812) Howland Street, Bryden, Charing Cross , London , circa 1790's with the date to be established.

The work of Francis Jukes is highly collectible and there are many versions of this print including Victorian re strikes. However, this print has been coloured in by a water colour artist and a identical print on a auction site identifies the print as a "Engraving, further inscribed with topographical details of the harbour in pen and ink then executed in watercolour." Francis Jukes produced his own prints and judging by details on him on the net if they are correct it appears he worked with a water colour artist. So there is every suggestion that this print was produced when Francis Jukes was alive. Therefore a closer examination is necessary as this print will be dated. As for value, a identical print badly damaged is up for sale at $200 on a American site and one went for £400 on a British auction site. Which is not bad for a print that has no registration number in the TDC collection. poor identity and was delivered in a pile of other prints in a back of van.

Finally, Ramsgate Town Council will give this print the status it deserves in the history of Ramsgate taking pride of place in the Customs House. On another positive point, Ramsgate Town Council are setting up a working party of which I will be chairing, to look into the status of Ramsgate artwork in local government collections to establish their whereabouts. Especially the items that were once the property of the Borough of Ramsgate and judging by this example I think we can agree there is going to be a lot of work done.

This tatty version of the same print is up for sale for £91.00 on ebay.

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Tony Beachcomber said...

On another point I should mention, a few years back I found some glaring errors in the TDC art collection at Margate. The errors were rectified and I received assurances that the collection was fully catalogued and regular audits were taking place. From this posting it is obvious this does not seem to be the case with the Ramsgate side of things. However, could such measures have only been applied by TDC to the Margate side of things because at the time I was researching Margate’s history, or is that me being cynical?