Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Item 7095 Eastcliff Lodge

A few years ago I came into possession of a number list of the art collection in Albion House that belonged to the Borough of Ramsgate that assended to Thanet District Council on 1st April 1974. Dated 12/12/87 it was the audit sheet of the the TDC museums officer who would audit the collection periodicaly up until 1994 when the EKMT took the job on. Numbering 82 items the list is in the order of display in Albion house has no references except a list of numbers. Judging by the loans received by the Ramsgate Town Council from TDC there does not seem to be much supporting information if any to the Ramsgate art collection TDC own, which is an observation and not a critism. This line drawing is currently in the Custom's House and in possession of the Ramsgate Town Council and is numbered 7095 which tallies with the Albion House list. Most of the details of this one are readable, drawn by Vernon K Hood December 1805 "for the beauties of England and Wales", engraved by W.Cooke.

This is the first item I can put to that list with a reference so there is now 81 to go which hopefully one day the collection will be owned by Ramsgate Town Council.

In the meanwhile I came across this factual information on the Ramsgate History Forum on Eastcliff Lodge which I am sure they will not mind me quoting, it reads as follows ,

"East Cliff Lodge was built around 1800 and was used in 1803 as a summer residence of Queen Caroline, then Princess of Wales. It later became the home of Admiral Lord Keith and in 1815 it was sold to a Russian merchant Patrick Cummings. Cummings later leased it to Marquis Wellesley who was the brother of the Duke of Wellington.In 1882 Sir Moses Montefiore rented the estate from Cummings, and after Cummings death in 1830, Sir Moses purchased it for £5,500. During Princess Victoria's visit to Ramsgate with her mother in 1835 Sir Moses opened the grounds to her and presented her with a golden key to a private door of the grounds.Sir Moses lived at the Lodge until his death on 1885 at the age of 101. Sir Moses and his wife are laid to rest in a Mausoleum next to the Synagogue at nearby Hereson.

The final demise of the Lodge follows an all too familiar pattern. The estate was sold to the Borough of Ramsgate around 1952, and the Lodge was demolished in 1954. All that remains today is a new building housing a firm of architects which incorporates parts of the original structure. There are also some outbuildings and the Italianate Greenhouse has been restored to its former glory in recent years."


ascu75 aka Don said...

So much of our past was demolished in the 20th century first between the Wars and then from the 50's onward. I wish I could say it was for progress but alas that is seldom true.

Tony Beachcomber said...

A lot of what happened in Margate was due to poor plannings decisions as for Ramsgate Adolf Hitler had a hand in that.