Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 7 May 2011

On the RTC - a reflection

It took until 17:oo hrs on Friday afternoon to be confirmed that I am now a Labour member for Central Harbour on Ramsgate Town Council. I am under no illusions, as I feel the only reason I was elected was because I was a Labour candidate and not because my name is Tony Ovenden on the ballot paper. This probably explains explains why I beat Ralph Hoult "Mr Ramsgate" by about 60 votes. It may all sound very political but in reality the people of Ramsgate have voted for change and for a Labour town council with a manifesto for Ramsgate, something I feel very comfortable with.

The need for change in Ramsgate was unidentified years ago years ago when a group under the banner of Ramsgate First petitioned and campaigned for a Town Council and won. Change is always a good thing but in this day and age it is still generally spearheaded by people who have a touch of grey in their hair or going thin on top in places, myself included. Change in my view is more about continuous improvement and in Ramsgate's case it is more about the quality of life issues something the town council is there to deliver. The big question is at what cost ?

Well the general consensus is pretty clear, there is not a lot of money about and it is a case of spending money wisely , something I am sure most working people in Ramsgate are familiar with. My colleagues on the RTC have got ideas on how this will be achieved something I am sure will be made clear after a few meetings,

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