Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Midweek coastal ramble.

This morning's low water I set myself two tasks, one was to clear the Pegwell Bay Hoverport site of every piece of Whale Bone to assure the Receiver of Wrecks, DEFRA and English Nature that there are no remains of the Sperm Whale left on the Pegwell site. This should finalise my application to keep my collection of Whale Bone samples with English Nature which in turn would allow me to donate the entire collection to a local museum. I have notified the Monkton Nature Reserve who collect natural history that the collection is available pending a decision by English Nature. So I am waiting on replies.

Then it was off over to Margate to photograph the ship wreck remains on the low water mark opposite Godden's gap. Unfortunately, the wind had changed direction overnight and was holding the tide so there was no chance of even seeing the wreckage in such wind and tidal conditions. In order not waste the latter part of the morning I surveyed some of the areas where the sand had eroded between the high and low water mark these past few weeks. Summer erosion on Margate main sands does some strange things on the sands below the high tide mark as it brings all the old Victorian and Edwardian debris to the surface, mostly pieces of china, glass and clay pipe stems. The presence of glass on the beach looks horrendous and even though it is pretty inert and blunted it does give a very bad impression of a tourist beach. On this occasion I just happened to have a sturdy plastic sack so I set about collecting all the beach glass and record some data.

Victorian bottles is a subject I have a certain expertise in, so it was pretty easy to date everything I found. Once again most of the finds as on previous occasions fell into the golden age of seaside history of the late Victorian period up to the First world war that led to rapid development in Margate. I have pictured this mornings haul for anyone interested.

As for the ship wreck remains it does look as if next Tuesday evening will be the next available sighting depending on wind and tide.

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