Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Following the line

Following the election count on Friday it was a case of going straight home, getting changed. Then off to the Marine Studios to see an Art exhibition by Roy Eastland at the Marine Studios Albert Terrace Margate. I should also add that I was also answering a plea by Kate who runs Marine Studios to collect a Whale Bone exhibit that had turned for the worse in this warm weather. Looking across the bay at the spectacular view from the studios of Margate main sands, I noticed this line of shingle that had developed on the main sands after the recent North Easterly winds. Something I know from the past as this time of year produces some very interesting finds when the weather is unsettled. Most of the finds tend to be fossils and evidence of the Victorian and Edwardian seaside holidays. It doesn't take rocket science to work it out it is just a case of following a line of exposed shingle and walk from one end of the main sands to the other with a bucket picking up anything of interest. An area like the one photographed when exposed like this is alive with fossils like belemnites (fossilized squid), sponges and clam. With the more recent finds from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries consisting of pieces of patterned pottery, bottle stoppers, bottle fragments, worn glass, clay pipe stems and bowls , and so on. On this occasion I picked up half a bucket of the above. After a quick sort out I decided to keep and photograph a few items for this posting. In the top right of the photograph are belemnites and to the left is a clam and some fossilized sponges which are very common . In the centre is a blob top of a Victorian torpedo shaped mineral water bottle and below are the broken bases of the same type of bottle. The marble is of the type used in a Codd mineral water bottle as a internal stopper of which was most like from a bottle smashed by a young boy at the time, only to be lost on the beach. Of the pottery I found, everything was more or less patterned and bore no local logo's and like the clay pipe stems and bowls I left them where I found them.

Getting back to the Marine Studios reception I did meet a Portuguese artist who is collecting Mermaid purses from the Thanet coast to make a work of art, he informs me that he has now got 4,000 mermaid purses and the collection is still growing. I had a lengthy chat with him and he was telling me about his fascination of the Thanet coast and the things that can be found on the strand line, something we do take for granted living on the coast.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Tony thanks for posting I love you beach walks. I cant do it anymore but I am with you every step of the way. Don

Ken Gregory said...

Just a thought Tony, would the mermaids purses end up 'ponging' a bit like your whale bone?

Tony Beachcomber said...

"ponging" is putting it a bit mildly, latest plan is to bury it in a compost bin. Let nature take over, then remove it in about six months.