Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Seaside Safaris - my view

Sometimes I often think here in Thanet we just cannot see the wood for the trees then I suppose in my job having to deal with so many thick opinionated ignorant people it really does not come as a surprise. On our doorstep here in Thanet we have perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of coastline in the UK backed up by a lot of undiscovered history all untapped which does present a huge tourism marketing potential. This latest attempt to ridicule Seaside Safaris really does come across as Thanet ignorance at its best without even looking into the facts. Seaside safaris are based on the successful Roc Doc walks by Alistair Bruce and seaside safaris are part of the award winning Thant Coast project. Which with the aid of many unpaid dedicated volunteers this is raising Thanet Coastal awareness on both a national and international scale and does put Thanet on the map for the nicer reasons. There is a lot of interest out there in the Thanet coast and even on my stats on my Blog, Uk page views come third behind France and the USA on coastal stories. In the summertime seaside safaris are open to both visitors and locals alike and they are very popular and it is important to keep this momentum going. As a tourist package the coastal awareness does need to broaden its horizons yet in reality it is free, low cost and still people moan.


Anonymous said...

What attempt has there been to ridicule Seashore Safaris? Such a shame, they are great for all concerned!

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon I am referring to a article by the Daily Mail featured on

Tony2 said...

I have just followed your link to this article. I have never read such a load of twaddle, misinformed and ignorant comment. As a volunteer and coastal warden I experience first hand the work of the Thanet Coast Project and Seashore Safaris. They introduce local people and visitors to the wonders of our marine life. They bring visitors to Thanet to experience our coast.
At a recent event organised for a local school by the project one of the teachers remarked "this is wonderfull just look at the children how engaged they are with learning about the seashore. Its a great pity that parents don't do this with them."
The moan is that money could be better spent on repairing vandalised buildings. Maybe by engaging with young people and introducing them to nature there will be less vandalism. The post described is funded not from council tax but external bids and covers a lot more responsibility than is suggested in the article. When compared to that spent on the Turner Centre it is a small drop in the ocean and pound for pound is far better value. I would suggest these grumpies get off their backsides and get down on the beach to see the joy these events give to the younger generation. Lets face it Thanet's best resource is its coast and I am proud to be a volunteer involved with the Thanet Coast Project.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Tony, thank you for your comment.

I also think Thanet District Council does deserve a lot of credit for the Thanet Coast Project. It is a project that has been well thought out it, well planned, cost effective, involves god knows how many volunteers and most important of all it promotes Thanet for all the right reasons.