Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 22 April 2011

Open beaches

A few months ago I mentioned the unusual and interesting items that can be found on the Thanet coastline this time of year. With this unseasonal warm weather and more people enjoying the coastline I am sure this weekend there is every chance that some good finds will be made on the shore. A few days ago I was emailed this photograph of what maybe a piece of Amber or Copal resin found by Pip Wheelwright on her favourite Thanet beach. Pip is one of the growing band of Thanet Amber hunters who enjoy looking for the elusive pieces of Baltic Amber that appears on our shores. Amber hunting has gone on in Thanet for years and there has been a lot written , however it is not easy stuff to find and I do like it when people take up the challenge and I get to see the results.

If anyone out there has found a piece recently and would like me to put it on my blog I will happily do so, just email me a photograph.

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Pip said...

Hi again,

Thanks for posting my beach find photo. The family and I generally stroll along finding interesting shells and sea glass, so to find this was such a buzz! I was not even aware beach Amber or Copal was found on our shores? until I started researching it, after the find, when I stumbled across this friendly but informative blog. Thank you.

The Thanet beach I found this on, has extra special meaning to Us, as it is where my family have been visiting since the 1930's and Our Dear Mums ashes were scattered there, back in 2005. It's our haven.

As for my find....Amber or Copal? Still don't know, but it's a beautiful find all the same.

Happy hunting everyone, and enjoy our special UK beaches. Pip