Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 4 April 2011

It's election time.

Over the next four weeks I expect the political content of the local blog scene will intesify as we enter the local elections. As for myself I will be standing as a Labour candidate for Central Harbour Ward for Ramsgate Town Council and for the first time since 1987 I will not be standing as a candidate for Thanet District Council.

For the first time in a generation local government in Thanet is facing its toughest period since the end of the Second World War and for those brave souls who do get elected I would think "challenging" would best describe the task that lies ahead. I am sure taking into consideration what has being going on around us all recently most people have do a fair idea which way they are going to vote.

However, I have added onto my bloglist a summary of the Labour TDC manifesto for information and the details of the Thanet Labour Blog for those interested.

I can assure regular readers of my blog that I am not going to ram politics down peoples throats as I feel elections are all about meeting people and doorstep canvassing. Plus my blog is about the Thanet Coast, its environment and history. My Blog is not local politics in general.


Anonymous said...

So Tony, This site costs will appear upon your election expenses declaration form?

Retired said...

Best of luck Tony. Do you think this will mean an end to a certain Margate businessman (too busy to stand for council himself for the tories but always able to find hours to phone you) monopolozing your answerphone ?

Glutton for punishment you are Tony but fair play to you, you back your play.