Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pegwell Bay Whale - Salvaging remains

Over the past week I have made frequent short visits to the site at Pegwell Bay Ramsgate where the recently beached Sperm Whale was cut up for disposal, the purpose being to salvage anything from the Whale that may be of interest. After a week everything does seem to be breaking down into the eco system. The whale fat still remains and it is starting to smell however I am getting use to it so it is not much of a problem. I have collected many small pieces of white whalebone and collected some of the hardened balls of white fat. The white bone in most cases is splinters which can be salvaged into the smallest of workable pieces. Of the large pieces of which I have two, including a section of damaged vertebrae both are needing a bit of attention to remove excess flesh and draining the blood from the bone.
Looking up many sites on the internet and reading old books I feel as if I am pretty much on top in preparing the bone for craft, scrimshaw or just for exhibiting. Considering the rarity of the occasion I am keeping every piece of bone down to the size of the matchstick until the time I meet up with someone who is artistic or skill full enough to do it justice.

I have been exchanging witness accounts with people asking them what they saw plus I have collected the local newspaper cuttings. As I was working part of the time I did miss the moment when they started to move the whale and I am curious how they did it. If anyone saw this I would appreciate any information.

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