Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 18 March 2011

Pegwell Bay after the Whale - Survey 3

At daybreak this morning (18/03/11) I surveyed Pegwell Bay at low water walking the entire Bay from end to end looking for anything related to the recently beached Sperm Whale. On the site where the Whale was beached, the only evidence left was the disturbance in the sand caused by the JCB's involved in moving the Whale. Up against the cliff close to where the Whale was found and on the strand line back towards the hoverport there was the occasion large lump of whale meat to be found. The lumps of Whale meat still had this remarkable elasticity even after two weeks since the Whale had died and was cut up.
Back on the Hoverport site, Whale oil was still present along with the Whale fat which is a indicator that the ecosystem will take a long time to break it down. Looking for Whale bone I came across this solid lump of white Whale bone which weighs in at over 5+ Kilo in a wet state which I have photographed and posted above. To give some idea of scale I have included a 400g tin of Batchelors cream of chicken soup. I think by now I must have picked up all the white bone to be found, leaving only the porous looking lumps for nature to break down. Recently, I have given out a few samples of white Whalebone to see how well it can be worked artistically.

Elsewhere in the Bay there were many lugworm casts in fact there were hundreds of thousands of them which really is a good indicator how the lugworm has recovered from the extensive bait digging and fresh water influx in the area. Also present were cockles all living and healthy. Finaly, I did come across a carapace of a Chinese Mitten crab, so it does look as if I will be back at the Western Undercliff carrying out recorded surveys for the Thanet Coast project looking for this invasive species.

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