Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The draining of the Walpole Bay pool 22/03/11

This morning the Walpole bay tidal pool was drained which was for those interested is a interesting site and a opportunity. Present were a group with metal detectors and a group of volunteer coastal wardens from the Thanet Coast project taking photographs and collecting data. It was nice to see a familiar site, that being the remains of a cartwheel that was something I stumbled across 32 years ago.
Everything was very much the same as last year with large oysters bedded around the back of the wall. There were so many anemones present giving this feeling as if a huge aquarium had been drained out. Around the back ledges I found a small squat lobster and came across a few small Velvet Swimmer crabs that had survived the winter that killed so many off. In the remaining water at the back of the pool Flounders could be seen scurrying about. I did manage to catch a fish with my hands which was a male lumpsucker roughly around 9 inches long. The colours were amazing a mixture of flame red flanks and a pink under belly which is the breeding colours for this species this time of year. After the lumpsucker had been photographed by those present I did return it to the exact spot where I caught it as it may have been guarding eggs. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph the lumpsucker as my batteries went dead in my camera after the first photograph I took off the back wall.
At the back of the pool I came across a piece of interesting driftwood which I kept. I also came a across small lead battery and lead fishing weights which I also took with me.

I did have a chat with the other coastal wardens about the beached Sperm Whale at Pegwell Bay as I am trying to work out how the Whale was cut up. To my amazement it appears that one person in particular took 500 photographs and was present at Pegwell Bay at every opportunity to record everything in detail which I must admit is some doing.


Bob Hutton said...

Hey Tony

Did you see the leaflet on LIfe after Death that I left at the station for you today (Friday)

Tony Beachcomber said...

Yes, and I put it in the bin with the other litter.

Bob Hutton said...

Oh Tony, you threw away your chance of salvation!

However, all the while you are alive you have the chance to be saved - I urge you to repent of your unbelief and accept Jesus as your personal Saviour.

chrisbreyer said...

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chris May 2011