Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 4 February 2011

New Margate Local History Website

In my archive I have posted Margate Historical items sent to me by Tony Lee which is of real quality and rarity. At present I still get hits on the photographs he sent to me and they are very popular. Tony now has his own website and it is well worth a look and I do recommend it to anyone who has a interest in local history and heritage.

I have reproduced the email which explains Tony's objectives.

"Some time ago you were kind enough to include some of my pictures of Margate on your Thanet Coast Life blog. Since then I have started to put together some of the information I have about Margate as a web site, . The idea of the site is to have a number of zoomable historical maps of Margate, with clickable links through to a collection of pictures of particular locations. At present the sitecontains just a number of directories for Margate and a collection of maps.Two of the maps (Edmunds Map and the 10 ft/mile OS Map) have drop-downmenus from which you can go straight to a street or location of interest.These locations are marked by coloured spots, and the intention eventuallyis that clicking on these spots will open a window of views of thatlocation. For an example of what is intended, click on the St John's churchbutton on either map. A Gallery Viewer will open - hover above the menubuttons to see what they do. There is still a lot to do to add the remaining Picture Galleries but I have at least made a start on this. I thought the site might possibly be of interest to you. Also, I wondered, if you thought the site might be of interest to the readers of your blog, whether it might be possible for you to give a mention of the site on your blog, since this would be an excellent way to let people know that the site exists."

Tony Lee

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Margate Historical Society said...

Tony, thanks for linking to Anthony's web, love it great news for Margate