Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Coastal changes.

Ramsgate main sands is renowned for the pieces of fossilized clam that can be found almost anywhere on the main sands. Like most things some days are better than others especially when the reliance is on weather conditions. This week the beach has been settled even though there have been onshore winds. This has had the effect of piling shingle in lines on the beach leaving gaps of sand between each line which can be seen clearly in the photograph I took a few days ago. Take it from me, it is walking the sand between the lines of shingle is probably the best possible conditions to find fossilized clam and if I had taken a sack a few days ago I would have probably filled it up.
As you can see from the photograph the beach is clean and there are no seabirds, in fact there was very little to observe or to write out on a survey sheet apart from a few dogfish egg sacs, mermaid purses and a few whelk egg sacs.
Over on the Western Undercliff things were a little different as there was a weak strand line. Once again same as normal with the usual amount of dog fish egg sacs, mermaid purses and empty whelk egg sacs which I am finding is becoming consistent with previous findings. There were more Turnstones than normal and in one area I counted 19.
It has been a year since I became a volunteer coastal warden for the Thanet Coast Project so I am looking at doing something a little bit different. As mentioned in a previous posting I found it interesting how I kept finding the same plastic tubes around the Western Undercliff area regardless of wind and tides conditions whether stormy or calm . So I have now hit on the idea of marking the tubes and other pieces of plastic with a permanent marker, this also includes the 32 golf balls I have found over the past year. I am going to release them in the Western Undercliff area and on the Ramsgate main sands, plus I am going round to Sandwich Bay and will dump some there. Then I will spend the rest of the year just seeing where they end up.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

I doubt you need to dump more as I bet you will get more or less the same amount this year. People just dump rubbish with no regard to the damage it causes and as for golf balls all I can say is they are rubbish golf players. Keep up the good work Tony.