Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 28 January 2011

Painting the Margate Lighthouse

A few days ago I emailed Trinity House, regarding the proposals by TDC to paint the lighthouse at Margate red and white which is the same colours Trinity House use and as to whether this is permitted. This is the reply.

"The painting of lighthouses in a red and white colour scheme is not unique to Trinity House - it is a practice used world wide. The idea of painting a lighthouse in these colours is to help them stand out against their background to provide what we term a 'day-mark'. This is why the current Beachy Head lighthouse is painted this way in order that it stands out against the white cliffs behind it. A mariner would be informed of these changes before they went ahead and they would then use other factors to double check that the lighthouse they were looking at was the one they thought it was. Vessels should have an approximate idea of where they are at any stage and part of the process of approving such things as lighthouse painting means thatTrinity House are consulted on changes like this. In this case, Trinity House would not grant permission for a lighthouse to be painted in this way if there was already a lighthouse painted the same way nearby with whom its identity could be confused.
I hope this helps. "

Paul Howe
Communications OfficerTrinity House


Fiona S said...

Thanks Tony. I don't think there are any other red and white lighthouses that it could be confused with, are there? The fact that MTP decided not to do the submission is great news. I'm sincerely hoping that this silly idea will be buried once and for all.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Fiona, There are no other red and white lighthouses but should the idea go ahead Trinity house will still to be consulted.
I see in the Gazette 28/01/11 page 9 TDC still want it to go ahead.

Andrew said...


Trinity House will only get really agitated about the lighthouse colour if it's one that they maintain. As long as it can't be confused with any others nearby (and in this instance that means any others perched on the end of a pier) then they couldn't care less. The UK Hydrographic Office are the Authority that advise mariners of the change of colour.

Tony Beachcomber said...


Perhaps Trinity House may or may not voice concerns over the issue but I do not think that they are going to be "Agitated" or "couldn't care less" over the isssue.