Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Edwardian view of Cliftonville

Over the past few months I have been collecting data from ebay and other sources on the web to put some together some sort of catalogue of Margate artefact's excluding printed matter. Most of these items are seaside souvenir items and represent a chapter in our seaside heritage. What has become noticeable by following ebay is how many serious collectors there are of Margate memorabilia and just how much some items have increased in value in the past year. I have mentioned Margate Butlins badges in previous postings and to be honest I am really amazed how much people are prepared to pay for them. After tracking most of them after a few months there does seem to be a scale and this must be based on rarity. For example the 1955 badge featuring a crab depending on the colour of the background can fetch a average of anything from £75 to £50, whereas 1958 is about £40, 1960 £30, 1961 £20 and 1967 £5 all depending on how much people are prepared to pay at auction. However some items have gone into a decline like crested china and postcards. At any one time on ebay there can be anything up to 1,000 postcards of Margate listed and it has become a buyers market. Admittedly they do tend to be of general views like the clocktower, seafront, main sands, harbour and jetty. This postcard I have posted is a gem, it is Edwardian and it is looking west along the Cliftonville cliff top before the Walpole Bay hotel was built. It cost me 50 pence with 50 pence p&p.


Margate Historical Society said...

Great postcard, I have not seen that view before, Thanks

Bob Hutton said...

Hey Tony

Are you a porter at Ramsgate train station and did you used to be at Canterbury West Station?

How is it with your soul? The Bible teaches that those who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will go to Heaven, those who don't will go to Hell.

Where will you spend eternity ?

ascu75 aka Don said...

Tony I havent seen that one before either, My collection over the years has cost me little but I love all the cards and crested china I have but do regret getting rid of some of the ginger beer bottles. But I had them for a while, we are only custodians of some of gems while we pass through.

Tony Beachcomber said...


You are right we are custodians, most of all the items I have ever found have ended up in collection both public and private.