Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The renaissance ?

Following on from the Butlins theme, I have scanned in a postcard for anyone following Butlins of the Queens Hotel Cliftonville which has long since been demolished. Sadly like the St George, Norfolk and Grand all demolished to make way for flats.

This week two more Butlins badges of different years 1958 and 1964 are up for auction on Ebay of which I will be watching.
The whole idea of my monitoring of Butlins badges is part of may data base of Margate seaside items. To give an example of how many Thanet items are up for sale on ebay, last week there were 1,480 items related to Margate, 1,206 for Ramsgate and 641 for Broadstairs all up for sale. The majority of items were mostly postcards or printed items, the rest consisting of crested china , ceramics, football club items and metal ware such as badges and souvenirs. I find such quantities a breathe of fresh air because ever since the fire that destroyed the Ramsgate Museum in the Ramsgate library I have always looked at the possibilities of how a collection could be rebuilt the Margate Museum ever suffer the same fate. There is also another plus factor in the number of private collectors there are. A few days ago I spoke to someone who is also a member of the Margate Historical Society and he told me that his collection of Margate postcards is over 6,000 and he has now over 2,000 Margate items which dwarfs the Margate Museum collection if you discount the art collection. Which backs up my theory that Margate's history and heritage will undergo a Renaissance.

Like it or loathe it once the Turner Center is built Margate's seaside history and heritage will undergo a renaissance which will spill into the other Thanet towns. I also believe it will also be the catalyst that finally gives Thanet history the status it deserves.


malc said...

i disagree the Turner Centre will "lead to Margates renaissance".

Re-opening Dreamland is a much likelier route to this. Facilities for a very privileged few is a crazy approach to renewal...

Tony Beachcomber said...

Malc, I was really referring to the renaissance in history, heritage and culture which the Turner center will bring. However, reopening Dreamland will revive Margate as a holiday resort and I agree 100% on that.