Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mick Twyman

Yesterday I heard the sad news that Mick Twyman has died, Mick was the founder member of the Margate Historical Society and was one of the most knowledgeable Margate Historians in modern times. Along with Alf Beeching, Mick produced many new historical articles researched from archive discovered outside the area which has now filled in many gaps in local history. Being a Margate man Mick also had a extensive knowledge on Maritime Margate, Dreamland, the Grotto and Old Margate in general. Most of the recent studies from the Margate Historical Society were also co written by Mick working working in conjunction with other members.
In the past most of the articles and photographs featured on this blog came from Mick, and it was always his express wish that anyone who wanted to copy and use anything from this Blog can do so without permission and that policy with my blog stands today.
On one of my sidebars is the Margate Handbook featuring Historical items by Mick which are well worth a read. In the near future I will be putting some of Mick's items on my Blog in his memory.


Anonymous said...

Sad news - I never met him but read a lot of his articles.

There aren't many of the great East Kent historians around these days :(

Margate Historical Society said...

We will be production a commemorative edition of the Margate Historical Society's back catalogue and a Memorial event for Mick Later in the Year. The Society will miss him and carry on with a great big hole that he has left behind. contact the Society via