Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Heritage Day - Margate Museum

Today the doors of the Margate Museum were open to the public as part of the Heritage weekend with only the ground floor available to the public. Manned by Lynn Jackson a volunteer and TDC's Chris Tull I was pleasantly surprised at the interest shown by the public. In fact the museum was very busy with people taking great interest in the exhibits.
Even though I had not been in the place for three years it felt like yesterday since my last visit. Hardly anything had changed except for a few gaps in the cabinets where loan items had been returned. I did take a few photographs of the artefact's and I have attached a photograph of the metal plate that was on display at the entrance to the Margate Jetty since it was constructed. The plate was recovered some time after the storm of January1978 that totaly wrecked the Jetty and is one of the few remaining artefact's of the Iron Jetty. The rest of the photographs I will post at a later date more as a reference .
I was only in the Museum for a matter of minutes when I found myself dealing with an enquiry. Which was to do with the Victory lugger memorial erected in memory of the crew of the Margate lugger who were drowned in a rescue attempt of the crew of the American barque Northern Belle in January 1857 . The memorial was in Marble and on display on the wall to the left of the Droit House before you reach the steps. There is a rumour that the memorial was removed by Thanet District Council, in fact this was not the case.
Following the storm of January 1978 two cracks appeared in the Marble. This made the memorial a accident waiting to happen. However, the memorial remained in place until the early Eighties when a piece fell off and was thrown in the sea by vandals. In 1985 construction work was carried out behind the Droit House to build the break water and essential repairs to stonework in that area were undertaken. By this time the memorial was badly worn and was coming away from the wall and was dangerous, the contractors working on the site removed it and it become buried as part of the infill of the new breakwater.


Michael Cates said...

Good to hear that people have had a chance to get inside the museum - well done to Lynn and thanks to Chris for letting it happen. We (EKMT) recovered the metal plate along with some relatively modern archives from the Droit House, when the Pier and Harbour Company were putting the contents into skips.

ascu75 aka Don said...

I used to love skip hunting shame I cant do it any more.

Anonymous said...

You're missing the crucial fact that the museum was opened for an event called 'Mods on Trial'. Apart from the Lambretta outside, the newspaper clippings, and the DJ playing Motown and reggae at a very low volume in one of the prison cells, there was hardly anything mod-related on display. Seemed a bit like false advertising to me.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, Yes I thought the mod theme was a bit thin on the ground.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Michael, reminds me of the 1824 map of Margate, which Alan Kay rescued from a skip.
It is surprising how many items there are in the museum that have been rescued by the EKMT, Friends of the Museum and the public over the years.

Margate Historical Society said...
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Lynn Jackson said...

Lets hope many more treasures will be save too.. A new not for profit org just set up The Margate Society, made up from local community groups intereseted in Margate History or Heritage, if you want to know more contact is via Lynn (Me) on 01843 223300.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to join or help.

Margate Historical Society said...

The Margate Historical Society have joined (with other small groups) The Margate Society and look forward to other Community Groups joining too. Perhaps new artifacts will come to light and be on display. Contact Lynn on 01843 223300.