Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Beach Plastic

I have received this very interesting email regarding beach plastic and it is something I will participate in. I have put the email on my blog in case anyone else wishes to participate in the project.

I am an artist who comes from and lives in Margate and I have been using Marine Plastic in my work for over 15 years you can look at some of the works My works are exhibited around the world and I have been recently working with, MCS, Surfers Against Sewage, and the Algalita Marine Research Foundation in the USA.
I am asking beach combers, foragers and anyone else to send photos and location details of interesting Marine Plastic that they find beached during their wanderings of the shores of the world.
The project aims to document the people, places and plastic that litters our coastlines, maybe along the way it will provide some interesting or useful data, as well as hopefully bringing a greater awareness of the plastic pollution of our oceans and seas.
I ask you if you could please share this information and promote participation. Please link to the web address ( and inform your friends, blog readers, etc; you could also face book or tweet it for me. I want to get as many people from all over the world involved.
Many thanks and I hope that you will also submit images when you can.
Steve McPherson

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ascu75 aka Don said...

to everyone who reads this post AS WELL AS TAKE PICTURES clear the plastic up please