Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Low water at Ramsgate this morning.

The tidal prediction for this mornings low water was very promising enabling complete access behind the East Pier at Ramsgate. However, this was also made easier by the amount of sand that had built up around the 2nd,3rd,4th cant of the East Pier. So for once I was able to walk over to the East Pier ferry terminal breakwater without getter wet as part of my first survey of Ramsgate main sands as a Coast Warden. It was one of those days were everything appeared clean and fresh, the sand was spotless and there was no weed in sight. The rocks were just the same, the only thing that appeared to be missing was the same abundance of oysters which have covered the rocks on the other arm of the Western undercliff ferry terminal rocks.
After a complete survey of the rocks the only matter of concern were two lost gills nets that had become fast amongst the rocks. Being synthetic these nets when lost do not decompose and therefore become a hazard to all forms of marine life which is a matter of concern for the Thanet Coast Project. Unfortunately I did not have a knife but I will try and remove the netting at a later date.
The main sands was also very clean except for the strand line, but then that is something expected. Fortunately most of the flotsam was natural and there were very few items from our throw away consumer society to be found. I noticed there were a number of clusters of dog fish egg sacs, mermaid purses and whelk egg sacs so I did a quick count on the full length of the strand line, resulting in 15 clusters of dog fish egg sacs, 90 mermaid purses and I gave up counting whelk egg sacs when I reached 150. Overall such data is very encouraging.
Further down the beach the legs and shells of the dead Velvet swimmer crabs from the recent cold snap were scattered here as part of the natural decomposition process.

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