Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Epple Bay part one

During the early hours of this morning (28/02/10) the wind had picked up off the North Thanet coastline from a steady South South East breeze to a Northerly force 7. At present the tides are heading for the spring tides and backed with a stiff Northerly breeze todays incoming tide was directing waves straight in off the sea into the local bays with some force.
Today, Epple Bay , Birchington was my target as I was hoping to find samples of rock Oysters fused together. I choose Epple Bay because in the latest Thanet Coast Project survey, this area has the highest density of the invasive rock Oyster. Also after a few weeks of fine weather Epple Bay had built up dense piles of seaweed on the strandline which was about to be decimated by a Northerly backed strong tide. Therefore, a before and after survey was on the cards.
So around 09:30 this morning I took some photographs of the bay before the event. As you can see from the photograph the sea state is rough and the incoming waves had started pushing stranded Oysters up onto the shore. Also in the photographs the seaweed was well banked up on the strandine.
After taking the photographs I had a quick look on the strandline and to make a quick mental note of what had came in on the previous tides, then went home to dry off.

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