Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dead Marine Life

In today's Your Thanet and this weeks Thanet Extra there are two good articles on the dead velvet swimmer crabs that are appearing on are coastline during this bitterly cold winter period. Reading both articles it occurred to me that even though marine life suffers in a cold snap there is very little recorded or knowledge shared of these events. I suppose it due was to the fact that there were not the tools around in the past to record such events . However, as we now all have digital cameras and computers to pool information on these events perhaps now is the time to record events, sightings and form a database on our blogs.
Many of us may remember the hot summer of 1976 but not many people can recall the immediate winter when beautiful fish like the Rays Bream were washed up dead or stunned on the shoreline and in the shallow water. Which all unfortunately went unrecorded.
Last year I did find a dead baby porpoise on the strandline at Sandwich Bay, but I left it where it laid, in peace and decided not to take a photograph and just left it to nature. So there are always things to be found.
Above is a picture of a dead cuttle fish I photographed on Sunday at Palm Bay, a common enough sighting. However, this was one of the big boys and was over 40+ cm in length, and one of the biggest I have ever seen on the coastline. But unfortunately I forgot to put something in the photograph to give it some scale which does make its size in the photograph hard to prove.
On another point it is interesting is how big some of the oysters are getting, during last weeks big tides I found a reef of oysters and most were well over 160 mm a commercial size and like most things on the shore I left them to get on with there natural lives and will keep the location secret.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for cross posting, but with your Margate Historical Society hat on can you tell me how to leave posts on the society's site. I tried posting twice on the Ann Barford page yesterday, and it seemed to accept it after a preview, however nothing has appeared on the page.

Thanks in advance

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, that's okay, to be honest I do not know why as I am only a team member and only put items on the Margate Historical site because I have some archive and have a head full of history. Lyn & Kate Jackson run the Margate historical site and perhaps they haven't got round to viewing the site. Give it a few days and I will find out.