Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Brass monkeys

After a week of sub zero temperatures and cold northerly winds, the conditions were perfect this morning for looking for Baltic Amber on the foreshore at Cliftonville. However, instead of depositing seaweed, flotsam and jetsam on the tide line the exact opposite had happened. The tide had completely cleaned the beaches taking everything out to sea leaving only the normal marine life casualties we are accustomed to in cold weather. In Walpole Bay, the marine birds were happily feeding on the Velvet Swimmer Crabs pictured that had been stunned by the cold and washed up into small piles along the beach. In Palm Bay, there were the usual large items washed ashore like a few big lumps of timber and this marker Buoy pictured. Nature had cleaned the beaches well and looking in either direction it was obvious that nothing significant had come ashore, it was just so amazing to see the beaches so clean and natural. Looking out to sea was not so inviting watching the hostile looking waves rolling in off Foreness Point along with some sleet and snow from the North.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Bet you was froze Tony, Looked exceptionally clean by the buoy

Tony Beachcomber said...


Yes, it was a bit cold.
Many people were walking their dogs and there was one dog that kept runnning in and out of the water and enjoying himself rolling around in the sand. Must be mad.

Matt B (Thanet Star) said...

Mad dogs and Englishmen - clearly to be found on the beach midwinter!

Tony Beachcomber said...

If you think that is mad. I once walked from Margate to Reculver and back in similar weather beachcombing along the way. I did find some good pieces of amber and some good bits of driftwood which was a right result.