Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 23 November 2009

Doing the decent thing - The return of the Silver Spoon

Today I returned a Borough of Margate silver spoon to the Margate Charter Trustees to be added to the civic collection. As mentioned in a previous posting the silver spoon which bears the town's coat of arms was amongst a load of items from a house clearance that I bought at auction.
Being a former Charter Trustee I knew exactly the origin of the spoon and emailed the Mayor's office ASAP asking if they would like it back, and the answer was yes.
I knew the spoons were often given as gifts to civic diginataries but talking to Cheryl the Mayor's secretary I was informed the spoon is part of a Mayoral tradition, something as a Margate Historian I did not know. It appears the spoons would be presented to Margate citizens on their 100th Birthday by the Mayor.
I felt that this was a nice little touch as over the years our local history, heritage and traditions have been eroded. The Margate Charter Trustees are perhaps our last tangible link with the past and they do have a fine Civic collection of artwork. The town silver collection is something to be admired and the town mace certainly has a history behind it that can found on the Charter Trustee website.
Over the years the Civic Collection has been well looked after by the Charter Trustees and the same can be said for the old town hall. They do appear to look after civic history like the Knight Templar's waiting for the return of Christ. Yet the Charter Trustees are also Thanet District Councillors which as a Council has done absolutely nothing to take our heritage, history and traditions forward. Which does not make any sense at all.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Just read the article about the Mace on the Margate trustee's site

Tony Beachcomber said...

Don, It is not mentioned in the article, but the Town Mace weighs 79 3/4 ounces but I not sure whether they are troy ounces. Should they be Troy ounces or not, that represents a lot of Irish Silver. Another item in the Town Silver collection well worth a mention is a model boat made completly out of sterling silver complete with sail and rigging. I think it is hall marked 1824 and must be at a estimate value at 30,000. Even the dear old spoons must be worth something in the region of 40 to 50 each.