Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 19 October 2009

Loss of the "Greypoint" off Broadstairs

Every winter along our coastline there is always at one point after a storm that debris from the sea bed ends up washed ashore somewhere on the coast of Thanet. As most fishermen will confirm the sea bed offshore is littered in debris in many places and there is no shortage of History waiting to be discovered. The unfortunate thing is that it is almost impossible to identify the items and piece together the History. Thanks to the Internet it is now so much easier to research and pool information together to identify marine loses and provide factual Historical links as the previous article on the SS Montgomery proves.
Trawling through archive I often come across lesser known maritime incidents off our coast that have faded into memory and become forgotten or folklore. One such incident was the loss of the steamship "Greypoint" of Broadstairs on 18th March 1917 the position given is 50.20.20N 01.29.38E. The report is as follows.

"Whilst of anchor off anchor off Broadstairs, four German torpedo boat destroyers went past at full speed firing one or more torpedo's each at the steamship as they past, one of which struck the "Greypoint" just aft of the engine room. The enemy vessels turned and came back whilst the steamer was being abandoned, the destroyers then firing about 30 shells at the ship, the attack commenced at 00:30 am and the "Greypoint" sinking 30 minutes later. The crew were picked up by a patrol vessel, one man being slightly wounded by shell fragments"

Source : Lloyds confidential war loses 1914-1918 page 106.

As in most cases wreckage of this size would have been cleared by demolition salvage teams after the war, but not everything would have been cleared so the evidence must still be out there on the seabed. However, it does make me wonder where the torpedo's that missed ended up and where they could be.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You didn`t find out what that stone pillar at the low water mark at Ramsgate sands was?

Another one for you. The memorial on top of the public toilets almost opposite the Tarter frigate p/hse. States a clock was placed there to commemorate the heroism of a person by the name of Marsh who died tragically saving someone, dated Sept` 21st 1903. Anymore info or pics?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Hi annon,

I have got the stone pillars on my list just need to get down and take some photographs.

I haven't got any info on Clock but I know someone who maybe has some. It would be more than likely Barrie Wotton.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Nice one Tony. Missed you and your stories